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Welcome To The Pillar 3 Resource Library

The Academy PILLAR 3 RESOURCE LIBRARY is where you'll get all the inspiration you need to transform your indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

Need help embedding sustainable practice, incorporating
open ended materials, nature play or creating your own
budget friendly resources and equipment? Then this is the pillar for you.

Find out more about the resources, training and support waiting for you in this pillar by :

āœ…šŸŸ£Clicking on the red buttons in the 'Quick Links' box

āœ…šŸŸ£Scrolling down to the green buttons at the bottom of this page to choose the resource page you'd like to jump to straight away.

āœ…šŸŸ£If you're in a hurry and looking for an activity idea for a specific age group or early learning area I suggest using the table I've provided for you below in the green box.

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