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Do you like using The Empowered Educator planning templates but want a little more flexibility to modify and edit the forms so you can personalise them for your role or service type? Or perhaps just want to simplify the documentation steps you currently use for your planning, communication and reflection?

Then you need to get access to this Empowered Educator Canva Template Hub as new template designs and tutorial videos are added here every month.

You don't even need to be good at design or formatting because I do all the hard work for you by creating the special Canva templates you can copy to your own free Canva account and then edit for your specific needs.

All you need to do is click on the buttons throughout this portal to use the templates straight away. I've even recorded step by step videos for EVERY template released to make it even easier!

There is a range of templates suitable for Family Daycare, Early Learning Centres, Preschool, Kindergarten & Outside School Hours Care.  If you'd like to see the template categories added to this Template Hub so far, scroll to the bottom of this page to review the 'GET STARTED HERE' box.

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I'm so glad you chose to join us here inside the Canva Template Toolkit so you can get started with the Empowered Educator easy to edit planning templates.

Access to this toolkit of templates will give you the tools and knowledge you need to simplify and personalise your planning and communication templates and forms.

Using Canva together with the templates I've designed for you, will give you a lot more flexibility to modify as you need to...all without needing to be a tech genius or pay for expensive planning platforms.

You can use the templates you create inside many of the digital platforms though if your service provider is already using that tool and expects you to do the same.

Pretty cool right?

These templates are useful for educators, leaders and coordinators working across different age groups and service types including Family Daycare, Early Learning Centres, Preschools, Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care.

You are currently seeing the Learning Network Canva Template Toolkit Homepage where you can choose the templates you want to copy to your own Canva account and the tutorial videos you want to watch from the toolkit menu bar (to the side if on a computer - tap the lines to drop down if using a mobile device).

**If this is your first time using the canva design tool please make sure to first visit the 'GET STARTED HERE' page so you can watch my screen as I take you through the few simple steps to set up your FREE Canva account online and get started with your templates as soon as possible.

So go ahead and tap/click the green 'Start Learning Now'  button down below this box to access current templates and tutorial videos - a new template is added for you each month as part of your subscription.

Choose what is helpful to you - there is no need to overwhelm yourself by copying every template straight away just because you can - think about what you would find most useful to help you take action RIGHT NOW .

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You can leave comments and questions underneath the tutorial videos or Canva templates as you go, or contact us at [email protected]

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Click on the 'Get Started Here' option in the list below the 'ready?' banner so you can watch my screen as I take you through the few simple steps to set up your FREE Canva design account and get started with your templates as soon as possible.

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