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It's wonderful to have you here with us! Learning Network is packed with resources and training sessions but instead of adding to your overwhelm we are going to work together to simplify your planning and help you to feel motivated as you get back your work mojo. I suggest you set aside some time at least once a week to pop in and watch or download what you need to help you in the week ahead. There is no need to use everything or 'do all of the things' - think of your member or course content as a library you can dip into whenver you need. Choose the resources or training that best suit your individual needs today - you are in control. Always.

The Top 3 Resources This Month In Member Hub Are...

Planning Cycle Visual Guide

The aim of this visual resource is to help you illustrate and define each step of the planning and documentation cycle.

Workshop & Resource Guide

This workshop is your golden key to embedding engaging, hands-on active learning experiences, projects and practices that support children to develop a respect for the world around them - starting with their own outdoor environment, family culture and community.

Digital Planning Tool

If you prefer a digital focus for your documentation, take a look at my Airtable Learning Journey Tracker in Member Hub - with videos to show you how to use it too. 

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