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I'm so glad you chose to join us here inside the Curiosity Creators Club because that means you are excited about making your planning easier!

The Curiosity Creators Club is your go-to hub online for flexible, inquiry-driven program plans and captivating play based activities that are designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking while seamlessly aligning with core learning outcomes and simplifying your planning process.

You are currently seeing the Learning Network Curiosity Creators Club Homepage where you can choose from the 'Curiosity Concept Themes' to decide what you'll be focusing on for your next inquiry led learning experiences from the simple to use toolkit menu bar (to the side if on a computer - tap the lines to drop down if using a mobile device).

**If this is your first time using the Curiosity Creators Club please make sure to first choose the 'welcome - start here first'  option below so you can watch the quick welcome and walkthrough videos that I've recorded to help you make the most of your monthly membership and find everything you need.

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You can leave comments and questions underneath the planner downloads in the comments box as you go, or contact us at [email protected]

What's My First Step? 

Click on the 'Welcome - Start Here' option in the list below the 'Start Learning Now' banner so I can take you on a walkthrough of how to use the planners and also modify to suit your planning needs, service type and incorporate meaningful information gathered through your documentation so you can effectively extend and support each child's individual learning progress and journey.

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