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Welcome... Ready To Take A Step Into The World Of AI & Easier Planning + Paperwork?

AI Empowered Training Collection - Workshop 1 

Welcome , I'm so pleased you're interested in building your skills in the emerging area of ethical AI Assistant use for Educators.

Today, we're standing on the threshold of a new era, where technology, and specifically AI, is poised to reimagine and overhaul our early education planning tasks and learning environments.

Just imagine being able to tap into a resource that supports you in curating engaging educational content, helps you to write personalised learning journeys for each child in half the time, and even aids in your daily administrative and communication tasks.

This isn't the futureā€”it's now, and it's what we'll be exploring in this workshop...I'm beyond excited to share this with you...

First, a few quick tips to help you make the most of your new training session...

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What is the AI Empowered Video Training Collection?

This collection of training videos for educators has been created because with over 30 years experience in the early childhood profession I understand how challenging and often overwhelming documentation and meeting all planning steps effectively week after week is for educators.

The introduction of AI technology that is now easily accessible to everyone has the power to change that and offer frustrated educators a real solution that will not only make your planning simpler and faster but also more meaningful with the potential for better outcomes for children's individual learning.

But you first need to understand how to prompt and use AI tools confidently and effectively to get the useful responses and support you need to achieve these goals and save valuable time.

And that's where the AI Empowered Video Training Collection comes in to guide you step by step through the basics while also keeping you informed and ahead of the latest AI developments and tools that you can use across different early education settings. 

Although the toolkits are numbered, you don't need to watch them in a specific order as each workshop stands on it's own although I would encourage you to try and watch workshop 1 first if you can as I take you through all the basics of using AI and introduce you to the step by step Empowered Ed EASE framework which makes it easier to create detailed and relevant 'prompts' (questions) you can give the AI that will personalise responses to your needs and specific goals.

To help educators get started I've made workshop 1 available to everyone for just $6.99 here.

With over 30 years in early education, I've worn many hats and understand the diverse challenges educators face, from planning and documentation to juggling a work-life balance. As a Certified ChatGPT AI Expert, I'm now focused on making these tasks more manageable through ethical AI use.My aim is to simplify AI for educators, offering customised digital chat tools and helpful resources that make planning less overwhelming and more achievable. The ultimate goal? To give you the freedom to focus on meaningful interactions and playful learning opportunities with the children.Let's collaborate to use AI tech in simple ways that free up your time for what you truly excel at and enjoy!