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Welcome to the AI Empowered Educators Membership! šŸŒŸ

Hi there, it's Jodie here, and I am absolutely thrilled to have you join our AI Empowered Educators community! You've made a fantastic decision by choosing to invest in your growth as an early education professional, and I can't wait to see how AI and ChatGPT will transform your practice.

This membership hub is your one-stop destination for everything you need to know about integrating AI and ChatGPT into your daily work, whether you're in family daycare, childcare centres, early learning centres, preschools, kindergartens, homeschooling or tutoring. And trust me, you don't need to be a tech whiz to reap the benefits!

Here's a taste of what's waiting for you inside your first Monthly Toolkit:

šŸ”¹ Relatable examples and case studies to illustrate the power of AI in early education.
šŸ”¹ Training on using AI and ChatGPT for more efficient and meaningful EYLF documentation.
šŸ”¹ Expert guidance on simplifying program planning and seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into your existing practices.
šŸ”¹ Curated content on the latest AI trends and tools, plus exclusive tips, strategies, and activity ideas for planning and documentation cycles.

But it's not just about the resources ā€“ it's about the connections you'll make with like-minded educators and the support you'll receive from me, your AI Empowered Educators expert & mentor.

So, before diving into the Monthly Toolkit, I highly recommend visiting the "Start Here" page first. There, you'll find a welcome walkthrough and tips videos to help you get the most out of your membership.

I truly believe that AI has the potential to revolutionise early education and create better outcomes for children, families, and educators like you. And I'm here to help you every step of the way.

Again, welcome to the AI Empowered Educators Membership! Let's embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the full potential of AI and ChatGPT in your early education practice.

Now, head on over to the "Start Here" page, watch the videos, and then dive into your first Monthly Toolkit. I can't wait to hear about your successes!

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You can leave comments and questions underneath the toolkit resources or videos in the 'comments box' as you go, or contact us at [email protected]

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Click on the 'Welcome - Start Here' option in the list below the 'Start Learning Now' banner so I can take you on a walkthrough of the Ai membership hub. That way you'll know exactly where everything is and be ready to start with your first monthly toolkit video and resources. You have access to previous monthly toolkit as well as a new one each month!

Hi, Iā€™m Jodie - an early childhood educator, mentor and blogger. I have worked in many different roles across the human services, family services and early childhood professions over the past 35 years so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own. I know what is helpful (and definitely NOT helpful or useful) to educators because I am one too.Ā IĀ  enjoy supporting and mentoring thousands of educators every year through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, membership hub, e-courses, Facebook community, webinars and e-books.