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understands how to use AI for the needs of early childhood professionalsthen scroll down to explore the AI Resource library...

A Beginner's Gateway to Artificial Intelligence Solutions

The new AI Resources section of the Empowered Ed professional development shop has been designed exclusively for educators embarking on their digital learning journey .

It’s packed with innovative new workshops, AI Assistants and groundbreaking action guides that show educators how they can use AI to make their planning, documentation and assessment easier…without needing to be a computer or tech engineer!

Whether you're looking to integrate AI into your daily activities, simplify assessment processes, or create personalised learning experiences for your children, the resources in this category demystifies AI for the absolute beginner.

Gain confidence as you explore user-friendly tools, engage with interactive tutorials, and access a library of resources that simplify ethical AI use in your early education setting. Begin your journey with AI from someone you trust , and watch as it becomes a natural extension of the skills you're building while listening to the 'Early Education in the Age of AI' Podcast.

I think you'll find these resources the most helpful...

10 Simple Ways To Use ChatGPT For Educators

New Workshop & Action Guides Every Month

Access To Chat With A Team Of Virtual Assistants

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On Demand Access 
On Demand Access 

Why I'm Uniquely Qualified to Guide Your AI-Driven Planning Journey...

Hi there! I'm Jodie, and with over 30 years in early education, I've worn many hats and understand the diverse challenges educators face, from planning and documentation to juggling a work-life balance. I've been a centre director, group leader, family daycare educator, and everything in between, learning valuable lessons (and making my fair share of mistakes) along the way.

As a Certified AI Expert, I'm now focused on making these tasks more manageable through ethical AI use.

My aim is to simplify AI for educators, offering customised digital chat tools and helpful resources that make planning less overwhelming and more achievable. The ultimate goal? To give you the freedom to focus on meaningful interactions and playful learning opportunities with the children.

I'm excited to show you how!

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