The Strategies, Steps and AI Prompts You Need to Simplify The Observation Process - $47.00

The second video in the AI Empowered Training Series for educators, this 90-minute video workshop gives you the strategies, steps and questions needed to simplify the observation process by using AI to help you analyse observations, identify meaningful learning moments, and plan intentional teaching experiences and opportunities that extend each child's development and progress.

The AI Empowered Video Training Series For Educators - Training Toolkit 2

AI For Educators Training Series - Resource Toolkit 2

Child observations, and providing experiences or opportunities that extend early learning for each child are at the core of quality early childhood education, but the process can often feel overwhelming and time-consuming for busy educators.

The good news is there is now a way to simplify your documentation, gain more meaningful and useful interpretations into each child's learning journey, and create more personalised experiences that extend their development, interests and skills…without needing to write all of that on your weekend time!

And I'll show you how step by step inside Training Toolkit 2:

What Do You Get In This Training Toolkit for $47?

  • On Demand access to watch a 90 minute presentation video as many times as you like
  • Lifetime Access to watch the video and download the handouts
  • A comprehensive Action & Reflection Ebook that gives you simple steps to follow, questions to copy and use when chatting with any AI tool so you get better responses ...ones that aren't generic and sound like everyone else's or like a robot just did your planning.
  • An Interactive Workshop Guide & Learning Companion to interact and scroll through directly on the training page so you can review and revisit the presentation slides to support your ongoing learning and reflective practice.
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Why You'll Love It...

I've packed this training presentation with the steps and strategies you need to simplify your documentation process, gain more meaningful reflections into each child's learning, and create more  individualised learning experiences using an AI Assistant:

  • You'll understand how to use your observations together with AI-created interpretations to plan faster & more effectively.
  • Learn how to break down the observation process into manageable steps
  • Includes access to a comprehensive action and reflection guide, an interactive slide guide, and a professional development certificate to help you embed learning.
  • You get to chat with our AI Assistant 'Amy' anytime you need to ask a question about the workshop or how to use AI with your planning!
  • Done for you and 'fill in the blank' style questions to copy and use when chatting with AI to help you get more personalised and useful responses.

Chat With Our Specially Trained AI For Educators 'AI Assistant Amy'

Mentor Amy AI will guide you through the strategies and steps shared in the training video so you can start experimenting and testing straight away.

She’ll even help you with your current documentation tasks if you ask her using the methods and prompts I give you in the training! 

The "How To Write Simpler, More Meaningful Child Observations & Extend Early Learning With Your AI Assistant" Training Toolkit 2 Bundle is here to redefine and update your approach to recording observations and help you utilise the full potential of AI-assisted documentation.
Take a look at just some of the new skills & knowledge you'll be developing...

  • Discover strategies for aligning observations with learning outcomes and frameworks, such as the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), with the help of your AI assistant
  • Gain access to a specially trained AI assistant that can guide you through the process of writing effective observations and provide personalised recommendations for extending learning 
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT to interpret observation notes and photos, identifying key developmental skills, learning moments, and potential areas for growth
  • See how to break down the observation process into manageable steps using the EASE (Express, Assign, Specify, Establish) framework, making it easier to collaborate with your AI assistant

Download A PDF Reflection & Training Guide To Help You Embed Learning & Start Using AI 

Find out how you can start making the most of this new generative AI technology to better support your role and stress less about all those frustrating planning steps.

There is new way to simplify your documentation, gain more meaningful and useful insights into each child's learning journey, and create more personalised experiences that extend their development, interests and skills…without needing to write all of that on your weekend why wouldn't you want to take advantage of that ethically and responsibly by also bringing your knowledge of the child and expertise in early childhood education to a collaboration with AI?

I can't wait to show you how in this Toolkit 2 resource bundle from my popular AI For Educators Training Series.

What is the AI Empowered Video Training Collection?

This collection of training videos for educators has been created because with over 30 years experience in the early childhood profession I understand how challenging and often overwhelming documentation and meeting all planning steps effectively week after week is for educators.

The introduction of AI technology that is now easily accessible to everyone has the power to change that and offer frustrated educators a real solution that will not only make your planning simpler and faster but also more meaningful with the potential for better outcomes for children's individual learning.

But you first need to understand how to prompt and use AI tools confidently and effectively to get the useful responses and support you need to achieve these goals and save valuable time.

And that's where the AI Empowered Video Training Collection comes in to guide you step by step through the basics while also keeping you informed and ahead of the latest AI developments and tools that you can use across different early education settings. 

Although the toolkits are numbered, you don't need to watch them in a specific order as each workshop stands on it's own although I do encourage you to try and watch workshop 1 first if you can as I take you through all the basics of using AI and introduce you to the step by step Empowered Ed EASE framework which makes it easier to create detailed and relevant 'prompts' (questions) you can give the AI that will personalise responses to your needs and specific goals.

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