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Thanks for taking our member 'What's My Pillar' quiz - my suggestion on where to start inside Member Hub to get the support and resources that you need the most right now based on your answers is...

Pillar Resource Library 3

Why Pillar 3?

Your answers to the quiz questions indicate that you might need some help embedding sustainable practice, incorporating open ended materials, introducing nature play, creating your own budget friendly resources or increasing engagement in your learning spaces.

Although this is your Priority Pillar right now you'll still want to draw on the resources and training now available to you across all 4 of the Pillars.  I like to think of the 4 pillars as different professional development pathways that join together to ultimately lead you to the same place…

a place where you go from feeling uncertain or overwhelmed to empowered and confident in your role as an early years educator - no matter what regulation, standard or framework you’re following.

I'm looking forward to becoming your mentor on this journey! 

Pillar 3


In This Resource Library You'll Find All The Inspiration You Need To Transform Your Indoor and Outdoor Learning Spaces.

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