The Observation Handbook For Educators

Turning Child Observations into Meaningful Learning: The Ultimate Guide for Busy Early Childhood Educators

Find out how to confidently write then turn child observations into meaningful, actionable, extension activities and intentional teaching moments with The Observation Handbook for Educators – A Guide to Understanding and Assessing Children’s Learning through Observation

This is your new go-to guide that not only shows you HOW to write observations but also gives you the strategies and examples you need to then quickly analyse and interpret what you’ve observed, making forward planning easier and ultimately more meaningful.

Created by Jodie Clarke, an experienced educator with over 30 years in the early education profession, this handbook offers a fresh perspective and practical approach to observation-based planning based on practical, ‘on the floor’ experience gathered across many different ECE settings.

A must have resource for educators who don’t have time for complicated explanations or strategies but DO want to feel more confident writing their observations and extending early learning.

This Observation Handbook for Educators Ebook includes:

  • Detailed breakdowns of popular observation methods used by educators including anecdotal records, learning stories, running records, and quick jottings.

  • Step-by-step guidance and relatable examples for documenting meaningful observations efficiently and effectively.

  • Expert tips for analysing observations in a way that consistently uncovers significant learning moments and developing skills.

  • Strategies for linking observations to learning frameworks like the EYLF and NQS

  • Techniques for using observations to create personalised, intentional teaching experiences that support continued progress on each child’s ever evolving learning journey

Bonus: How to collaborate with AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude to simplify your observation, analysis and forward planning process without losing your unique educators voice and expertise

For a short time, you can get The Observation Handbook for Educators, a comprehensive 115-page guide, for just $27.

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