Recruit & Retain - Orientation & Mentorship Resource

Recruit & Retain – Orientation & Mentorship Resource

This step by step, fill in the blanks resource makes it easy for you to create and use an orientation folder that is matched to your educational service personality, brand, philosophy, expectations, planning processes and day to day required practices.

Using a simple visual learning tool like this with new educators puts you forward not only as a supervisor, but also as a leader who is approachable, consistent in expectations and a possible mentor to others. Think of it as a roadmap, reflection and mentor tool all in the one easy to understand resource!

You Need This ‘Orientation Guide For New Educators’ If You Are a leader, manager, coordinator, director or administrator who needs to…

  • Increase staff retention and educator satisfaction in your early learning service.

  • Simplify early childhood frameworks, outcomes, standards and principles for new educators.

  • Mentor new educators & scaffold skills rather than just ‘monitor’ so the whole team benefits.

  • Provide access to easy to understand job descriptions with performance indicators laid out clearly, how these are expected to be met on an ongoing basis and the consequences or actions for not doing so.

  • Communicate effectively & assertively so that new educators and teachers better understand the expectations of their role.

  • Boost morale, ensure consistency and create a cohesive, confident early education team.

  • Create systems & policies for new educator recruitment and training.

  • Decrease miscommunication, frustration and confusion while increasing confidence and high quality outcomes for families, children and educators.

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