Play Activities Planner #2 (Activities for Babies & Toddlers)

Play Activities Planner #2 (Activities for Babies & Toddlers)

Play Activities Planner #2 (Activities for Babies & Toddlers)

Save valuable planning time with this E-book packed with simple play based activities for babies and toddlers already linked to learning outcomes and ready to write on your program! No time wasting setups.

**No lengthy materials required lists. No complicated steps. No need to buy new ‘stuff’.

Downloading this planner gives you:

  • A fillable PDF programming template you can type straight into or simply print and write .

  • 105 play based learning activity ideas already linked to learning outcomes and goals. Over 150 activity suggestions in total!

  • A simple way to ditch the complicated codes, colour and number systems to connect observations and planning.

  • Extension & forward planning ideas for every activity – use the same basic materials in many different ways and save time and money!

  • Activities that only use simple, budget friendly materials – most are upcycled or recycled to encourage less waste and easily found in op shops or second hand markets. There are no complicated, over the top activities or huge resources required lists in this book!!

  • A focus on incorporating sustainable practice simply everyday through environment changes and materials used.

  • Activities suitable for Babies from 6 months through to Toddlers 2.5 years.

  • Planning and programming tips for the Baby and Toddler age group.

  • Strategies to help you get past the ‘it’s to hard to take them outside’ dilemma.

  • Ideas and reflection questions to help you set up or modify learning spaces for baby and toddler.

  • My essential resource cupboard list to get you started and stop you buying more ‘stuff’.

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