Educational Leader Team Meetings Guide

Educational Leader Team Meetings Guide

Educational Leader Team Meetings Guide

EDUCATIONAL LEADERS – Not sure how to present team meetings? Feel like everyone is tuning out? Need tools to guide you step by step? Use this meetings guide and the templates to show you step by step how to prepare, organise and present team meetings that educators actually look forward to attending rather than dreading or finding excuses not to attend!

Educational leaders, Coordinators and Directors will be able to use the meeting guide tools to:

  • Set up clear processes and expectations for meetings for all staff.

  • Follow an agenda within set timeframes to lessen feelings of frustration and resentment by other participants.

  • Help with suggestions and ideas for agenda items and how to ensure team members are able to have input into the meeting topics.

  • Feel organised and well prepared for different learning styles and opinions raised in group meetings.

  • Ensure team members are recognised for their achievements and hard work building a sense of capacity, empowerment and wellbeing (essential for a cohesive, happy team!)

  • Write meaningful meeting minutes that can be used to show evidence as well as record important decisions and action steps.

  • Record progress on team action plans and collaborate to assign new tasks and goals.

  • Consistently plan, review and identify new areas for quality improvement as a team.

  • Simplify frameworks, outcomes and principles.

  • Share programming ideas and inspiration.

  • Introduce and explore professional development opportunities/past events with the team.

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