Curiosity Spark Preschool Plans – Rainbow Colours

Simplify Planning, Ignite Inquiry Led Learning: The Preschool Planning Resource That Saves You Time AND Aligns with EYLF, EYFS & Te Whariki

Explore the magic of colours and making rainbows with this inquiry led learning planner for preschoolers. This planning resource gives you inquiry-based sparks and activity guides that provide step-by-step instructions for setting up hands-on explorations of colour . When using the planner you’ll confidently ignite curiosity, sensory skills, critical thinking, collaboration, imagination, and language development in your early learning environment!

The four learning pathway topics featured in this edition are:

🌈 Becoming Colour Detectives: Children go on colour hunts, looking for different shades in the environment and documenting their discoveries. ​ They also learn about where colours come from and engage in discussions about colours found in nature. ​

🌈 Mixing Magic: Children become colour scientists and experiment with mixing primary colours to create new shades using materials like paint, play dough, and coloured water. ​ They learn about colour blending and how their favourite colours are created. ​

🌈 Investigating Nature’s Rainbow: Children explore the colours found in living things by carefully examining flowers, leaves, insects, and other natural objects. ​ They engage in activities like flower dissection, leaf rubbings, and creating nature-inspired colour charts. ​

🌈 Rainbow Makers: Children participate in collaborative art projects, sorting and arranging objects by colour to build rainbows. ​ They also explore the use of colours in nature and discuss the purpose of patterns in the natural world. ​

💡 Packed with over a month’s worth of done-for-you activities, simple planning cycle templates, and clear links to EYLF, EYFS & Te Whariki early learning goals, every ccuriosity spark planner helps you create inspiring learning experiences for preschoolers …without sacrificing your sanity or weekly planning time. This series is designed specifically for busy early childhood educators who crave a simpler way to complete their planning cycle and introduce a more flexible, play based program for children. 

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