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Learning Network Member Access Only – Please Login

Well, this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?

Not the page you expected to see?

Unfortunately, it looks like you don’t have permission to view this page as it is only accessible to Empowered Ed Learning Network members!! Depending on your Learning Network Membership Type you might not have access to this page or content. 

BUT I’M ALREADY A MEMBER JODIE!!!  Then no need to stress, we will have you inside the doors in a jiffy!! You are probably only seeing this page because you were logged out of Learning Network on your last visit so the link you clicked took you to this page first instead. Simply click here to visit the login page and gain access!

Please note that access is dependent on the Learning Network Membership Level you have purchased. Currently there are 2 active member levels – Course Only Members & Member Hub Members.

If you need further help just email Carol or Jodie at [email protected]

**If you are not currently a paid member of The Empowered Educator Learning Network I’m sorry to tell you this but you won’t be able to peek inside from here!!

You can find out how to join us inside and access all resources and training immediately by clicking or tapping here instead!

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If you are looking for access to the Programming Made Simple Mini - Course click on the link below: