Join Me To Discover The Ultimate Planning Cycle Timesaver ...

Say goodbye to taking paperwork home on weekend so you can catch up...again, with this step by step guide to collaborating with AI for more efficient, effective, and meaningful documentation.

In this FREE Workshop, I'll reveal the secret to simplifying your planning cycle, saving time on documentation, and creating more meaningful learning experiences for children.

From Overwhelm to Empowered: How Educators Can Use AI to Simplify The Planning Cycle & Spark More Meaningful Early Learning Outcomes

Discover the simple step-by-step approach to collaborating with an AI Assistant ethically to save time, reduce paperwork stress, and create more personalised learning experiences for children. 

Not Sure What AI Is? No Problem!...

This workshop is designed specifically for early childhood educators who are new to using Artificial Intelligence tools (AI) . I'll break it all down into simple, actionable steps and provide a supportive learning environment where you can build your skills with confidence.

Concerns About Using AI?

I'm counting on it! You definitely should have concerns about the reliability and accuracy of AI tools in capturing the children's individual goals, strengths, culture, interests and developmental stages that are so important in the planning and provision of early childhood education.

That's why this workshop will tackle those concerns head-on, providing you with the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to ensure AI-generated documentation truly reflects the unique personality and needs of each child.

I'll show you how to use your professional judgment and educator expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in your care...while giving you back more time to actually spend with them instead of just writing about them.

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What You'll Find Out:

In this inspiring and innovative workshop, I'll guide you through the exciting new world of AI for education and how it can be used to simplify and support each stage of the planning and documentation cycle, including:

  • Observation and information collection
  • Analysing and evaluating learning
  • Forward planning based on observations and analysis
  • Extending learning and implementing plans
  • Reviewing, reflecting, and documenting learning

You'll discover practical strategies and tools for integrating AI into your day to day work and planning cycle in a way that feels manageable, meaningful, and aligned with your unique needs and specific early education role.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of how AI can support your professional growth and help you create more personalised, engaging learning experiences for every child.

Why You Can't Miss This:

  • Save time and reduce stress: You'll find out how to use AI to automate repetitive paperwork tasks, generate more creative ideas, and simplify your planning and documentation processes.
  • Strengthen your professional practice: You'll discover how AI can help you gain deeper reflections into children's learning, make more informed decisions, and provide targeted support for each child's unique needs and interests.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: You’ll future-proof your skills and knowledge by embracing the potential of AI to renew and redefine planning tasks for quality early childhood education.
  • Reclaim your passion for ECE: You'll know how to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love - connecting with children, building relationships, and supporting their growth and development through playful experiences.

This workshop is not about replacing educators with robots, ‘cheating’ or being a ‘lazy educator’ - it's about empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to work smarter, not harder, and to make an even greater impact on children’s individual early learning journey.

Why I'm Uniquely Qualified to Guide Your AI-Driven Planning Journey…

With over 30 years in early education, I've worn many hats and understand the diverse challenges educators face, from planning and documentation to juggling a work-life balance. As a Certified ChatGPT Expert, I'm now focused on making these tasks more manageable through ethical AI use.

My aim is to simplify AI for educators, offering customised digital chat tools and helpful resources that make planning less overwhelming and more achievable. The ultimate goal? To give you the freedom to focus on meaningful interactions and playful learning opportunities with the children.

Let's collaborate to use AI tech in simple ways that free up your time for what you truly excel at and enjoy!