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Use This Guide To Make Your Observation Writing & Analysis A Simpler, Faster Process.

A must have guide for educators who don’t have time for complicated explanations or strategies but DO want to feel more confident extending early learning while spending less time writing their observations.

Imagine if you had access to an easy to understand but comprehensive guide that made observations actually feel purposeful and manageable, rather than time-consuming and stressful.

A resource filled with simple yet effective strategies for capturing those ‘meaningful’ moments, interpreting children's learning, and turning analysis into creative extension activities that support each individual child…without it taking any extra time.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to...

The Observation Handbook for Educators

Turning Child Observations into Meaningful Learning: The Ultimate Guide for Busy Early Childhood Educators

Simplify your observation process, uncover more significant learning moments, and create responsive forward planning - all in less time.

Here's What's Included Inside...

  • Detailed breakdowns of popular observation methods used by educators including anecdotal records, learning stories, running records, and quick jottings.
  • Step-by-step guidance and relatable examples for documenting meaningful observations efficiently and effectively.
  • Expert tips for analysing observations in a way that consistently uncovers significant learning moments and developing skills. 
  • Strategies for linking observations to learning frameworks like the EYLF and NQS!
  • Techniques for using observations to create personalised, intentional teaching experiences that support continued progress on each child's ever evolving learning journey
  • BONUS - How to collaborate with AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude to simplify your observation, analysis and forward planning process without losing your unique educators voice and expertise 

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Why You'll Love It...

The Observation Handbook For Educators is packed with actionable strategies, examples, and tips to try, it's incredible value for a resource that will support, speed up and strengthen your documentation process for years to come.

  • You’ll feel more confident in your ability to capture and interpret meaningful early learning moments
  • You’ll save time each week with simpler documentation and analysis strategies
  • You’ll be extending learning by creating plans that excite and motivate you
  • You’ll gain more helpful perspectives and interpretations into each child's unique strengths, needs, and interests

How will this resource help you?

My goal with this handbook is to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to make observations feel more purposeful and useful rather than stressful or a waste of your time.

Designed specifically for busy, time poor or overwhelmed educators who still want to provide high quality documentation, programs and extension activities for each child... but do not want to waste valuable time figuring out what observation method to use, how to link the learning to outcomes or writing more than they need to.

  • You’ll feel more confident in your ability to capture and interpret meaningful early learning moments
  • You’ll save time each week with simpler documentation and analysis strategies - clarify how to document meaningful observations in minutes, not hours, so you can spend more quality time engaging in interactions with children and supporting their learning through play.
  • You’ll gain more helpful perspectives and interpretations into each child's unique strengths, needs, and interests…making planning extension activities easier!
  • You’ll be inspired to create and setup indoor and outdoor environments that are more diverse responsive, engaging, and welcoming for every child’s individual needed
  • You’ll be extending learning by creating plans that excite and motivate you because you finally understand how to turn your observation information into play-based, engaging learning experiences that you'll be eager to implement - no more dreading the planning process!
  • You'll earn how to make the absolute most of new AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude & Gemini to simplify and speed up your observation and planning process

So, are you ready to confidently create meaningful observations that inform your forward planning?


Why does this guide make writing observations and forward planning easier, when nothing else has?

The Observation Handbook for Educators is different because it's designed by an educator, for educators - as a simple, no jargon solution to Understanding and Assessing Children's Learning through Observation

No other E-book offers this level of ‘keep it simple’ expert guidance based on real work experience over 30 years in ECE, together with creative ways educators can now utilise emerging generative Artificial Intelligence technology to reimagine the planning and observation process into something that doesn’t need to overwhelm you anymore.

I know what works (simple)...and what doesn't (complicated)...

Let me give you the benefit of my years of trial, error & tears you don't have to waste time figuring it all out on your own the hard way.

The Observation Handbook For Educators not only shows you HOW to write observations but also gives you the strategies and examples you need to then quickly analyse and interpret what you’ve observed, making forward planning easier and ultimately more meaningful.

This PDF Handbook Is Helpful For:

  • Preschool Teachers
  • Early Learning Centre Educators
  • Family Day Care Educators & Coordinators
  • Early Childhood Leaders and Directors
  • Outside School Hours Care Educators & Leaders

Ready to say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a clear, step-by-step process for observation and forward planning?


Meet Your Observations & Planning Mentor...

Hi there! I'm Jodie, and with over 30 years in early education, I've worn many hats and understand the diverse challenges educators face, from planning and documentation to juggling a work-life balance. I've been a centre director, group leader, family daycare educator, and everything in between, learning valuable lessons (and making my fair share of mistakes) along the way.

And now you get the benefit of that learning journey… and also the mistakes, did I mention the mistakes? Yep, we all make them, but what I enjoy is helping educators to NOT make the same mistakes I have over the years.

Planning & documentation shouldn't be overwhelming or take up your Sunday afternoons - I fell into that trap too but my turning point came when I realised that working harder or writing more wasnt the answer.

I needed to work smarter by finding simpler ways to document! So I started developing simple, effective strategies for observation, planning, and documentation that allowed me to spend more time doing what I love – engaging with the children and supporting their growth, development and personal learning journey’s.

I can show you how to do that too!

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