Calling Early Childhood Educators, Leaders & Directors Who Need A Change…

The Mentorship and Keep It Simple Approach To Professional Development That…

Ignites Confidence, Restores Support and Motivates Educators to stay in their profession and continue to contribute to the early education of children.

(Without having to give up on quality interactions, complete more unnecessary paperwork, or waste valuable time on training that leaves you feeling inadequate, embarrassed or judged).

“You’re good with children - you should get into early childhood!” they said.

“The training you have to do will all be worth it because you’ll gain qualifications that are valued in a profession that’s respected!” they said.

Everybody seems to talk about how important early education is and the valuable role educators play in the lives of children.

You’ve no doubt heard stories in the media about how they get to spend ‘quality time’ with children each day supporting their learning through ‘just playing’.

And the ‘experts’ tell us that educators have many opportunities to become empowered mentors and leaders because they can (of course!) access targeted professional development opportunities suited to their role and the mentorship needed to then use these new skills.

Well that early years sector, wherever it is, must be nice…awesome even.

Have you been to this magical place or am I correct in assuming you’ve not experienced this ece utopia yet either?

In reality, recent figures show an alarming number of early childhood educators and leaders have left our sector over the past 6 months, many more are away each day using up their non-existent sick pay and this makes it even more imperative that you are able to access the quality support, learning and guidance YOU need.

Because it often seems like you’re the one left picking up the slack at the moment and working way more hours than what’s written on the roster - especially when over ratio if you leave when your knock off time comes around.

Plus it seems that more and more often...

  • You have to leave required paperwork uncompleted (or more likely take it home on the weekend with you) just so you can get some time for quality interactions with the children during the week.

The last thing you need is more writing or...

  • Having to attend another long boring training session after hours that (surprise, surprise), doesn’t actually help you save time or give you the solutions & realistic action steps you can use right now in your specific role. You enjoy opportunities to increase your knowledge yes, but unless you can find time to get the basics completed you’re never going to have a hope of using this additional information right?

And who has the energy or time to...

  • Constantly mentor and explain everything to the more inexperienced educators just entering the workforce (often because they’ve fast tracked their training or study online !) when you’re already stretched thin enough as it is. And if you're that inexperienced educator looking for support you end up feeling embrassed and inadequate.

Not to mention how painful it is trying to...

  • Meet all of the planning and documentation steps and link everything to a learning outcome (which you don’t need to do by the way but no one explained that to you!)

It’s no wonder you’ve been thinking a job at Maccas wouldn’t be so bad and found yourself practising ‘would you like fries with that’ in that dream the other night because you have no idea where this magical utopia of valued and well supported educators is. Who could blame you?

It’s like there’s a secret training and support strategy that you’re not in on, and you just wish somebody would finally open up and tell you what it is. Seriously.

After 30 years working in early childhood education...

And the past 12 years online supporting students, assistants, educators, room leaders and directors to simplify their planning, setup budget friendly learning environments and activities that invite engagement and create more time for quality interactions with the children, 

I can tell you with 100% certainty that educators who first understand how to follow a keep it simple, back to essentials approach in their planning and practice AND most importantly, receive the SUPPORT they need to continually reflect on and modify these steps to suit their current strengths, service type and experience level….

…Are without a doubt more inspired, confident and happier educators.

They still meet all requirements of their role but the difference is they have simple steps to follow that ensures they can ditch the ‘always in catch up’ mode while feeling valued and supported.

Not everyone is exceedingly fantastic at documentation and paperwork... and that’s ok.

Yes Really.

That's Why A Keep It Simple Approach Works So Well For All Educators - No matter Their Experience Or Early Years Role.


It transforms complicated planning cycles and unnecessary paperwork into a clear step by step routine that actually gives you the information needed to inform your future planning and speed up the entire documentation cycle …

and that means...

It supports educators to arrive home each day feeling more confident in their work and not worried about HOW to complete something with the time and budget they have because they now understand WHY they are doing it in the first place and what works with their strengths…not the person down in the preschool room or the FDC educator around the corner.

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