Emotions & Faces Printable Cards

Emotions & Faces Printable Cards

Emotions & Faces Printable Cards

Recognising emotional responses in our own bodies is a learned skill and takes time and lots of practice but we can help make it fun for children during this process using tools like these colourful photo cards.

Why You’ll Want These Cards:

πŸ‘Versatile Learning Tool: Suitable for all ages and group sizes in FDC, Centre Based, Occasional Care, and OSHC services.

πŸ‘ Visual Learning: 40 printable cards with real photos help children connect emotions to facial expressions.

πŸ‘ Culturally Diverse: Features a range of faces, promoting inclusivity and cultural awareness.

πŸ‘ Durable and Reusable: Print and laminate for long-lasting use in various activities.

πŸ‘ Time-Saving: Ready-to-use resource that can be quickly incorporated into your daily routine.

πŸ‘ Supports Key Learning Areas: Aligns with EYLF outcomes related to emotional development and identity.

How These Cards Will Help You:

πŸ’‘ Strengthen Emotional Vocabulary: Children learn to identify and name a wide range of emotions.

πŸ’‘ Promote Empathy: Discussions around the cards help children understand others’ feelings.

πŸ’‘ Support Self-Regulation: Use the cards as visual cues for children to express their current emotional state.

πŸ’‘ Facilitate Conflict Resolution: Reference the cards during peer conflicts to help children identify and discuss feelings.

πŸ’‘ Aid Transition Times: Use as a check-in tool during potentially stressful transition periods.

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