Curiosity Spark Preschool Planners – Music Makers Edition

This planner provides a comprehensive framework for inquiry-led, play-based learning experiences that will spark children’s curiosity and foster their enjoyment of music.

With the activities in this plan you’ll confidently go beyond basic instrument play to explore creative ways you can experiment together with rhythms, melodies, and harmonies using bodies, natural materials, recycled objects, and imaginations.

Explore four exciting inquiry pathways that give you over a month of play based, intentional teaching ideas:

🎶 Sounds of Nature: Uncover the hidden music, melodies and rhythms found in the natural world, from the rustling of leaves to the chirping of birds.

🥁 Recycled Rhythms: Ignite creativity and promote sustainability by transforming everyday objects into unique musical instruments.

🎵 Body Beats: Explore the music we can make with our bodies through clapping, stomping, singing, and more.

🪇 Global Grooves: Embark on a global musical journey, exploring diverse instruments and cultural traditions from around the world

Each pathway is filled with engaging “Curiosity Spark” questions and “Playful Learning Prompts” that encourage children to investigate, experiment, and express themselves through music.

You’ll confidently ignite curiosity, sensory skills, critical thinking, collaboration, imagination, and language development in your early learning environment!

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