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AI FOR EDS [TRAINING TOOLKIT  4 -  How To Use AI ‘Vision’ to Interpret & Support Early Learning

AI FOR EDS [TRAINING TOOLKIT 4 – How To Use AI ‘Vision’ to Interpret & Support Early Learning

The 4th video in the AI For Educators Training Series, this 90-minute video workshop will introduce you to the amazing support now available when you understand how to use AI vision tools.

This new way to use AI holds so much potential to simplify and change your approach to planning, assessment, and intentional teaching – one that gives you more time to engage with the children and less time writing about it.

You’ll see step by step, practical strategies in action for using AI Assistants like ChatGPT4 Vision & Claude that now have the ability to scan and read images – making it so much easier to analyse and interpret learning outcomes and individual needs through children’s work samples, play experiences, and observations, gaining deeper perspectives and interpretations into their learning, development, culture and interests.

This toolkit bundle includes a comprehensive action and reflection guide, an interactive slide guide, and a professional development certificate. You’ll also gain access to one of our specially trained AI Assistants – ‘AI Amy’, who will guide you through the strategies and steps shared in the workshop so you can start experimenting and testing straight away. She’ll even help you with your current documentation tasks if you ask!

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