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This page gives you access to your exclusive course premium perks resource page where you can now watch 2  full-length workshop presentations AND access a learning journey tracker template I've already set up for you using your own free Airtable plan.

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You have lifetime access to watch your videos and you can download the audio of each presentation. You can also request a personalised professional development certificate via the form under the videos below.

I've also provided a reflection action form for you to share with your leader, coordinator or team members so you can tell others about what you have learnt!


Presenter : Jodie Clarke

Video Length: 60 minutes

How To Use Observations For Forward Planning.

Stop writing observations simply because you 'have to' and instead learn how to observe and document meaningful moments that you can use to continually inform your future planning. I show you how in this 1-hour workshop video.


Presenter : Jodie Clarke

Video Length: 90 minutes

Step By Step Guide to Writing a Program That Connects & Flows

Find out how to turn your program into much more than just a list of activities you 'have to do'. I'll break down how to collect meaningful information through your documentation tools then bring them all together to help write your program and show evidence of a consistent cycle of extending and supporting learning through play. 

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