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Every educator should have the right to ask for helpful feedback & guidance and be able to explore simpler (yet still best practice) ways to do their job in a non-judgemental learning space and that’s WHY I created Member Hub for early childhood educators!

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Tools and Templates

The ONLY online space with a specific Early Childhood focus that gives Educators and Teachers the visual learning steps, templates, training, mentorship and sense of community they need to confidently meet all steps of the planning cycle and continuously improve their practice and skills across a broad range of ECE roles.

24/7 Access to Training

Come in, take a look around and see for yourself the level of support current members already have access to 24/7. You will gain FULL ACCESS to all of the Hub training videos, program plans, planning templates, mentor group, activity ideas and so much more with your $2 scholarship- valid for 14 days!  

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If you decide not to continue your  membership at $39 a month after the 2 week scholarship you can cancel at any time before the end of the 2 week period with just a few clicks from your account page (no need to ask us to cancel, you have full control to do this yourself anytime)!

 Webinars + Templates + Videos + E-books + Certificates

$2 for your first 2 weeks

You can currently subscribe to my popular Empowered Ed Member Hub for early childhood educators and pay just $2 for your first 2 weeks with our special scholarship offer. 

If you want to continue to use all of the resources available to you as a member simply do nothing and your subscription will continue at $39 a month until you choose to stop!

Paperwork Overwhelm?

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed or running to hide when someone asks to see your documentation or program?

Member Hub will give you the tools and support you need to confidently link together different tools, strategies and experiences to show ongoing evidence of an overall exceeding educational program so that you can focus more on the children instead of just paperwork

If that sounds valuable to you I’d like to invite you to join me and over 800 other early childhood educators inside Member Hub!

Community of Professionals

Tools & Tips for FDC, OSHC, Centres, Preschools, Leaders, Assistants, Students, Directors and Coordinators!

What is so different about Member Hub?

The difference comes down to an acknowledgement that this role isn't always rainbows and smiles and sometimes we need help - it IS challenging, not often recognised for its importance and yes, sometimes overwhelming, but becoming a member of the Empowered Ed Hub will change all that as we come together as a community of professionals!

Hi Empowered Ed's!

I'm Jodie and I have had 30 years hands on experience in the early childhood profession and already supported and mentored thousands of educators with their work through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, Facebook Community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the family services and early childhood professions including Case Manager, Project Officer, FDC Coordinator and educator, Occasional Care, Outside School Hours Care, Family Support Manager, IHC Coordinator, Room Leader, Director, Assistant in centre based care and training facilitator to name just a few so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own! I know what is helpful to educators because I am one too!

Jodie Clarke

See what our members get access to!

$2 Scholarship Educators will also receive FULL ACCESS to the following...

  • Video Training Library - Because for many educators visual learning is actually the next best thing to 1:1 mentorship with someone who has been where you are before and therefore able to walk you through the HOW step by step (Value: $597)
  • Webinar & Workshop Recordings - Because you should be able to meet your professional development quota for the year and gain certificates by sitting at home in your pj’s, at a time that you have chosen, learning about something you are actually interested in...and knowing you can access the follow-up support and handouts you need to help you put that knowledge into action (Value: $897)

  • Templates & Checklists - For when you don’t know how to communicate and engage with families, meet the steps of the planning cycle, lead other educators, show evidence of your critical reflection or add activities to your program that link to learning outcomes (Value: $1197)

  • Completed Program Plans - Because you want to feel confident & know what to plan for, how those activities link to learning outcomes, what’s coming up ahead of time and how to tailor the done for you plans to include your own intentional teaching opportunities, children’s voices, parent input and spontaneous moments...without spending every weekend on it! (Value: $450)

  • Private Member Community - You could do this alone, but you never, EVER have to when you become a member!

  • Organisation & Time Management Tools - When you don’t know how to fit the work you need to do into the time you actually have available these tools and timesavers have you covered! (Value: $757)

  • 24/7 Online Access - Because Educators don’t all work the same hours or live in the same part of the world and sometimes you just need to be able to access the information you need by pressing a button. You are no longer dependant on other’s schedules -  when you need to quickly access a guide, a template to follow or a certificate to show proof of training before tomorrow’s assessment visit, YOU CAN! (Priceless!)

  • PLUS Get access to me, video consultations, feedback and mentorship, the support of a community and new resources and training added to Member Hub every month! (Value: $1297)


But TODAY,  you can join my $2 Scholarship for 2 weeks then $39 a month . You will be in the company of over 800 other early childhood educators already enjoying the many perks that Member Hub provides.

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