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Wish you could spend less time writing your program plan or searching Google and Pinterest for activity ideas and MORE time engaged with the children or setting up your play spaces?

The Curiosity Spark Preschool Planners series is your solution - INTRODUCTORY SALE ON NOW! 

Over 150 pages of ideas you can use again and again!

Curiosity Spark Preschool Planner 

The 'Rainbow Colour Hunters' Edition

This edition of the easy to follow planning resource is focused on the Curiosity Concept of Rainbow Colour Hunters.

Confidently ignite wonder, curiosity and child led learning day after day . Throughout the month, children will become curious colour explorers, discovering how colours come to life, mix together, are used in nature and make our world a more beautiful place. 

Packed with over a month’s worth of done-for-you activities, simple planning cycle templates, and clear links to EYLF, EYFS, NAEYC & Te Whariki early learning goals, every planner helps you create inspiring learning experiences …without sacrificing your sanity or weekly planning time.

It's been designed specifically for busy early childhood educators who crave a simpler way to complete their planning cycle and introduce a more flexible, play based program for children.

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Why You'll Love It...

  • Ditch the Overwhelm: Ready-to-go activity guides and simple templates slash your planning time, so you can focus on what matters most – engaging with the children!
  • Linked to EYLF 2.0 Outcomes & Principles: No more struggling to tick boxes. Activities naturally connect to outcomes, simplifying your documentation.
  • Spark Curiosity, Ignite Learning: Transform your indoor and outdoor environments into a hub of exploration, where children lead the way and learning is an adventure.
  • Embrace the Unexpected: Flexible pathways let you follow their interests, making every day exciting and new.

What You'll Get...

This comprehensive done for you Program Planner with templates and accompanying step by step Activity Guides gives you four inquiry led pathways to choose from in any order to guide your program.

Each pathway is designed to spark curiosity and engage children in hands-on learning experiences related to colours, rainbows and the natural world around them. 

With the Curiosity Spark Preschool Planner you’ll get different play based, active learning activities and curiosity sparks (open ended questions) for all 4 pathway topics to make learning about different aspects of colour and the natural world FUN. 

The four learning pathway topics featured in this edition are:

  • Becoming Colour Detectives: Children go on colour hunts, looking for different shades in the environment and documenting their discoveries. They also learn about where colours come from and engage in discussions about colours found in nature. 
  • Mixing Magic: Children become colour scientists and experiment with mixing primary colours to create new shades using materials like paint, play dough, and coloured water. They learn about colour blending and how their favourite colours are created. 
  • Investigating Nature's Rainbow: Children explore the colours found in living things by carefully examining flowers, leaves, insects, and other natural objects. They engage in activities like flower dissection, leaf rubbings, and creating nature-inspired colour charts.
  • Rainbow Makers: Children participate in collaborative art projects, sorting and arranging objects by colour to build rainbows. They also explore the use of colours in nature and discuss the purpose of patterns in the natural world. 

Over 150 pages of ideas you can use again and again for $47 

These curiosity sparks and playful activities encourage children to explore colours in nature, experiment with colour mixing, and investigate the colours found in living things.

All activities have been designed based on my over 30 years of hands-on experience in ECE to promote active learning, exploration, creativity, and critical thinking.

You’ll Get So Much More Than Just a Program Template!

This is a step-by-step, ‘Keep It Simple’, all in one process for planning and documenting early education programs, making it possible for you to close the loop on your planning cycle every month with confidence…and ensuring there is absolutely no need to take paperwork home to finish on YOUR weekends!

But don't just take my word for it - let me show you instead... 

I know how important it is to understand exactly what to expect when purchasing online and if it will be helpful to you before you can make the best decision for your needs…so click on the quick guide below and I'll give you a peek inside!

Which one of these will you find most helpful?

  • Lists of simple but effective ways to promote diversity and inclusion within your program and environment for every curiosity led pathway.
    This includes adaptations for children with special needs, incorporating cultural understanding and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and creative ways you can provide opportunities for children to express their unique interests and abilities.
  • Clear links for how the different pathways and every individual activity corresponds to developmental domains, core early learning goals and outcomes for the Australian EYLF, UK EYFS, NZ Te Whariki frameworks and NAEYC standards.
  • Pages of specially curated suggestions for incorporating books, music, movement videos, invitations to play and open ended resources to further support and extend the program while modifying for your specific children’s needs and interests.
  • Tools that bridge the gap between playful exploration and meaningful documentation clearly for parents and educational leaders
  • The flexibility to incorporate the curiosity sparks and activities into your preferred planning templates or the program documentation method currently used by your service.
  • A simple to follow framework for planning and organising activities, allowing for flexibility in choosing activities based on program duration, available materials, and individual children's needs .
  • Templates, reflection tools, and adaptable ideas to support a child-led approach and make it easy to show evidence of a completed planning cycle and commitment to supporting ongoing learning journeys for all children.
  • Simple, open-ended activity ideas that ignite a love of learning through hands-on exploration - you’ll have 16 step-by-step, easy to modify and setup, activity guides aligned with the EYLF, Te Whariki, EYFS, NAEYC, developmental domains and core early learning goals that simplify your documentation and speed up your forward planning process.

The Planning Cycle Templates & Step By Step System

In addition to the curiosity sparks, learning pathways and activity guides, the  planner also gives you templates, each one tailored to ensure it's easier and faster for you to document each step and close the loop on your planning. 

The template pages have been designed by me to take you step by step through the documentation steps and meet specific planning cycle objectives each week including:

step 1

Preparation, Family Input, Intentional Planning

step 2

Program Activities, Invitations & 

Environment Setup 

step 3

Weekly Planner + Learning Outcomes & Goals

step 4

Program Review & Reflection, Evolving Learning & Interests

Over 150 pages of ideas & templates you can use again and again for $47!

step 5

 Extending Learning - Reviewing Incidental & Intentional Moments

When You Use This Curiosity Spark Preschool Planner You’ll Confidently:

  • Save hours of planning time each week.
  • Feel confident in aligning activities and environment setup with the EYLF.
  • Know how to incorporate inquiry-based learning with ready-to-go activity ideas.
  • Simplify documentation with observation prompts that focus on the process.
  • Feel empowered to nurture curious, confident young learners.
  • Nurture a generation of confident, curious learners ready to thrive when they head off to school.
  • Feel empowered to nurture curious, confident young learners.
  • Know how to add your own activity ideas and intentional teaching experiences to the planner so you can personalise your planning for individual and group goals.
  • Simplify your planning and regain your precious weekends.

This isn't just a planner or weekly program of activities; it's a mindset shift and a ‘Keep It Simple’ approach to early education planning requirements. One that puts curiosity, collaboration, and those child led wonder moments back at the heart of your early learning environments...and the overwhelm and uncertainty about keeping up with your planning off your shoulders.

Ready to join the inquiry led, keep it simple planning revolution? Click on the button below to grab it now and let's give you more time back to engage with the children and enjoy the best part of your job again!

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