Simplify Planning for 0-2 Years
Simplify Planning for 0-2 Years Product description

Planning and play with the 0-2 years age group does not need to be difficult or 'boring' - you just need to approach it differently with this age group!

Educational Leaders, Coordinators, Lead Educators and Family Daycare Educators will be able to use this easy to understand guide to:

  • Manage their time more effectively.

  • Clarify what it is educators actually need to do And WHY when it comes to meeting not only the planning cycle steps but also meeting the wellbeing, nurturing and safety needs of baby and the younger toddler.

  • The 5 simple areas that should already be part of your early learning curriculum and focus if working with the 0-2 years age group. 

  • How to easily gather information about the child's needs, strengths, progress, wellbeing and development through the use observations.

  • How to bring your documentation and sources of information together and identify what the information collected is telling you , leading to your overall Analysis of Learning.

  • Finding out how to include the child's voice and forward plan meaningfully and effectively for babies and toddlers when they don't yet speak or ‘do any WOW moments'.

  • Understanding what to look for when recording an observation in the 0-2 years age group.

  • Using 5 easy steps to simplify your documentation and assessment processes.

  • The differences between brief and detailed observation formats including learning stories, developmental checklists, anecdotal records, apps, running records, photos and more.

  • How to support ongoing learning through environment setup and materials

  • How you can analyse the learning when no ‘wow moment' or significant developmental leap is apparent.

  • How to confidently collaborate and communicate with families and include the information as part of your planning cycle using 5 simple ideas

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